September 13th, 2009
Amy Mao from my Twofold comic
An early version of Twofold #1's second pageLayout sketches for my various characters.

Amy Mao, the resident tomgirl of the Five Eyes school along with Sean Chan, just got some profile artwork. She’s one of the characters named but not seen on the Twofold character profile list along with her sister Ann. At least, she didn’t until today since the new art was added to that Twofold profile index. Also added is a blast from the past is also the first color full-sized art I made of Twofold from 1992. Yes, 1992!

The other two links are the things I added to the site last Wednesday for the special 9/9/09 update. The main item was the second page of the the upcoming Twofold comic. The bonus was an old sketch page with various Twofold series characters, Nutroll and some of the superheroes. Amy Mao can barely be seen in that one too.

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