September 9th, 2009
An early version of Twofold #1's second page
Layout sketches for my various characters.

It’s become popular ninja folklore that the ninja considers nine to be lucky even to the point of carrying nine shuriken (throwing stars). I thought that 9/9/09 would be the perfect time to drop a one-page preview of the upcoming Twofold comic. That is just a preview because a few things will be different once the comic gets it’s own section on the Twofold site much like the “Nutroll: the Illness” does in the Nutroll section. As a small bonus, I dug out an old sketch page with ideas for pictures that did and didn’t get drawn into full pin-ups or covers. Twofold, Passion Tanaka and even some students from the Five Eyes school are all on it along with some of my other characters. Another thing that makes it’s debut tonight is an early version of the new Twofold logo. You already see it if you’re reading this in the Twofold section of the site but click that link I just gave you if you’re not there yet.

So Twofold month starts now and will continue until the October so expect more things from his corner of my comic book universe to be in the next few updates. Characters will be redesigned, renamed and introduced on the site including some characters that I haven’t drawn in almost ten years. Hopefully this will be as fun for you as it is for me. Thanks for stopping in and sorry about the lateness of this update!

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