September 27th, 2009
Pixel artwork of Twofold/Kenji Toshida
Poison and Billy from

In a crossover update with my ScrollBoss game fan site, there are two new things here and a site related thing over there. Twofold seems like a natural character to be in a fighting game so the sprite I just added is a hint at what he’d look like in 2-D video game. I didn’t want to make a Twofold sprite until I could do him justice in a from-scratch sprite form. I also put a background behind the Poison vs. Billy picture just in time for it to be used in a ScrollBoss:Minus World feature that just debuted there today.

In another part of the crossover action, Twofold was just added to the Vs. Maker graphic generator that makes fake pre-fight “character vs. character” fighting game screenshots.

While this is the end of Twofold month, don’t expect the Twofold material to stop. I’m still doing fight choreography and layout work for this first story and you’ll still see character profile picture and new profiles hitting the site. You’ll also see the Nutroll: the Illness – Chapter one start up again before the end of this year. I had to make a tough decision about some of the stuff that happens in it and you’ll find out about that once the pages start getting posted again. Enjoy both of the updates and I’ll see you here next week with more stuff!

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