October 4th, 2009
Amy Mao from my Twofold comic Sean Chan from my Twofold comic

Twofold month was over last week but you wouldn’t be able to tell from this week’s update. I cleaned up Amy Mao’s linework and brought her up to flat color mode. I already have some the minor details shaded but I’m going slow since I’m going to try coloring at a larger size than I’m used to. Her classmate and friend Sean Chan just got a redrawn pic with a funky new hairstyle and classic footwear that sets him apart from the rest of the Five Eyes school members. I’m still recovering from both last week and dealing with sinus problems so this was a low-output week for me.

Low output didn’t mean lazy, though. Now that I have a more stable system with more modern specs, I can finally learn how to use two programs that I’ll need for future projects: Inkscape and Blender. Here’s something I was experimenting with:

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