December 13th, 2009
Alex Kidd in his Enchanted Castle outfit Old sketched faces for the Ice Cream Man

Still working like crazy on ScrollBoss’ “1989” feature but I made some quick art of a character from that great year of gaming, Alex Kidd. Sure, he debuted before that, but his Enchanted Castle game from 1989 is a favorite of mine and this is based on how he is in that game. If you want to get a hint at another pic I’ll be drawing soon, look at the sketch link on the Alex Kidd page. No new character profiles this week but I brought you something almost as good. If you’ve ever heard me talk about a sketch page where I drew the Ice Cream Man making a bunch of weird faces with ridiculous quotes under each one, I finally found, scanned and uploaded it. It’s hard to believe that pic is 15 years old!

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