December 20th, 2009
Wonder Woman turning.

1998 action pic with Ace of Clubs, Batterram and Phenomenon of the Vigilants

Wonder Woman returns in base color with an improved face. I’m not sure when I’ll have the chance but I plan to get this in full color very soon. The other new thing is a picture from 1998 with Ace of Clubs, Phenomenon and Batterram beating up some villains. Now that I’m finally better at drawing pictures of people just standing there so I plan to slowly get back to drawing action like this 1998 pic, but better.

ScrollBoss is currently celebrating the 20th Anniversary of 1989 and the next update will be mostly pixel-related. Yes, sprites. There will be at least one new from-scratch sprite hitting the site in that update and will be here the following Sunday. He happened to play Santa here last year and I may even kick out a Santafied version of the sprite if I have the time.

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