May 9th, 2010
Ms. Pac-Man
Sue, the female ghost from the Pac-Man video games

Just as the legendary Betty White got to host SNL last night, this Mothers’ Day 2010 update stars Ms. Pac Man, the original and reigning first lady of video games. Her enemy, Sue, followed her in and looks like she’s ready to cause some trouble.

I had a great time at last week’s All AmeriCon convention in Warren, Ohio and I’m already looking forward to next year’s show. A lot of people rolled through considering it was the first year of the show. I got to see some old friends, make some new ones and sell some art. One of those friends, and one of the people who helped the show on the behind-the-scenes tip, is Ally. Thanks to her camera, you can see what my table looked like:

Other heralds of awesome include Chris Kasmar (dA page here), Jay Fife (Not Safe For Work: site here and dA page here) and the crew from Holy Grail Comics. I’d like to thank Greg, Josh and the rest of the All-American Comics crew, Market On The Square for being a wonderful host, everybody that stopped by and checked out the table and extra thanks to those who bought something or did an art trade with me. Shout out to the JOhio reps (especially Edgefind) who made it to the event. It was my first convention table ever but everything went smoothly.

While I’m making this topic ridiculously long, I may as well post a link to the ScrollBoss post about the big Vs. Maker update that was made last week. I worked on bits of it during the week before the convention dove into it but went into overdrive on it last week to the point where I uploaded it a week early.

That’s enough for now. I’ll see you next week with updated Pac-ladies and Vs. Maker funk on ScrollBoss. Happy Mothers’ Day!

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