July 25th, 2010
Most Evil Radd 'Bionic Commando' Spencer in fighting scale pixel art form Gilius Thunderhead sprites made from scratch. Lord J from Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Ran in pixel art form.

My ScrollBoss video game site had it’s 10th Anniversary on July 19th and celebrated all week long including a small update yesterday. Now it’s time to show you some of the things I made for it that I had to hold back on until party started.

A rewritten article for the goofy Minus World section of the site debuted with a new piece of artwork. You may want to read that before checking out the picture even though neither of them make any sense. The other three new things are sprites made for various things on the site. Gilius Thunderhead from Sega’s Golden Axe, Radd Spencer from Capcom’s Bionic Commando and Lord J from Jaleco’s under-appreciated Brawl Brothers (the U.S. version of Rushing Beat Ran) now have sprites here with Radd and Lord J having progress animations that show some steps I made in making the sprites. Gilius and Lord J were traced from re-sized sprites mostly to stay consistent with any future sprites I do of them. The new Gilius sprite is on the same page with the fighting stance sprite from last year.

One use for the new sprites is the new GroupShot Maker. It debuted on the 10th Anniversary and people seem to enjoy it so far even with the minor bugs it has.

GroupShot Maker Graphic Generator on ScrollBoss

Yes, that’s the line-up from the teaser graphic I made for the anniversary though there are a lot more characters added to it. The first update post for the anniversary is here. The sprite edits include game characters as old as Pitfall Harry and as recent as Samus in the Zero Suit from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I’m a bit worn out from last week and all the work that lead up to it so I’ll be slowly easing back into normal operations around here. You’ll still see gaming characters show up here (including more River City Ransom/Kunio-Kun style practice) but it’s time to get back to Nutroll, Twofold and something that you’ll find out about later this year. See you next week!

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