August 1st, 2010

I wouldn’t call this an update but more of a preview of things I’m working on. All of that anniversary work along with making progress of various secret projects finally knocked me out on Friday. No joke. I got so tired that I felt myself shutting down and had to just lie down for a while. This was the first time I’ve really relaxed on the weekend since April or earlier. Once things have gotten that hectic, it’s time to “relax” by just slightly working on things. Here’s what I call taking it easy.

I’m almost done with the vests for the Final Fight basic thug sprite set. I’ll be working on Simmons’ hair and glasses after that to get him finished in early August. I never noticed that Jake had a billy goat beard in the original Final Fight sprites so that throws off one of the plans I had for smart palette beard stubble for him. Here’s a test of some early Simmons sprites:

I also worked on a picture of Storm:

This one started off with a lot more forced perspective but it seemed to flatten out more and more as I worked on it so now it looks distorted. It originally looked more like she was coming at you. This needs to be reworked but I think a non-crappy picture could come from this.

And because I need to pad this topic out to apologize for not having a proper update, I’m going to show you a preview from a character design I’m working on for one of those secret projects:

Just remember: “I warned ya! Dammit, I warned ya!”

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