September 26th, 2010

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The man with the microphone is the legendary Almighty Grandmaster Wizard. He’s as old as he is dangerous. Yes, he’s another character from the “When the War Begins Again” concept and he’s more bugged-out than you could imagine. I’m still working on his design but I figured I could show you this one in it’s early state. Besides, I needed something for the update. Another design is based on something that I’ve mentioned in a few places but I don’t think anyone thought it would be a character. That would be the Goatstroker. If you’ve heard me explain the Goatstroker archetype before, this guy is just an example of that and plays a recurring role in the “War” concept. I’m not sure when I’ll have enough of this ready to start giving you bigger chunks of it but it won’t be long.

I finally got around to sorting out all the old work files from Nutroll: the Illness. This reminded me of how nearly every attempt to work on the story was botched by computer problems. Much of it was done on the temp computer (a.k.a. NewOld Computer) that randomly rebooted in the middle of working on panels before I could save my progress. My brain was in complete “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF…” mode by the time it was done. I took this chance to fix a lot of the word balloon problems and those improvements are now on the website version. There will be more adjustments made to it, especially the oblong teaser page, to get them ready for books like the Illmosis Scrapbook. I also made the first of various improvements to the site’s comic engine and expect to see more throughout this year.

I also fixed the link to the Abobo (Double Dragon) wallpaper on the Wallpaper page.

Final Fight fans may want to check out the latest ScrollBoss update for it’s ultra Cody-ness including a custom Street Fighter Alpha styled recreation of his Cyclone Kick from Final Fight. The pack of Cody sprite edits was updated and someone sent me a pack of his work-in-progress Cody edits.

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