October 2nd, 2010
Almighty Grandmaster Wizard displays his Microphone Technique

This has been “one of those weeks” so the update is about as lean as it gets. The inked version of the Almighty Grandmaster Wizard pic is up. You’ll see a few details that weren’t in the rough pencil version I posted last week.

I just learned about a happening that’s going down the day after Thanksgiving so I have to get some new stuff ready. That means you should expect some new Background Bonanaza updates. What are those? That’s when I go back and make new backgrounds for older pictures that didn’t have backgrounds before. I’ll talk more about the event as I get more info about it.

ScrollBoss visitors: I finished the Jake sprite set last week and it will be in this week’s update along with a final test video that shows Jake using the jumpkick. He uses it a bit too well if you ask me but you didn’t so I’ll shut the heck up about it, alright? Cool. See? I wasn’t all lazy last week. I have a post on the site’s weblog about it.

EDIT: I got some work done on a background so I figured I’d post a preview. Most of you won’t even have to look at the file name to figure this one out. Click on it to see the full-size render.

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