October 6th, 2010

the Red Queen in her main outfitMs. Pac-Man in full effect.Sue, the female ghost from the Pac-Man video games
Yes, that was Ms. Pac-Man’s 1st maze in the picture I posted last weekend. The pictures of Ms. Pac-Man and Sue that I drew and colored a few months ago now use different parts of the maze as a background. I’m getting a bit better at sorting things out in Inkscape before bringing them into the Blender 3-D program so this maze didn’t get mangled like the Pac-Man maze I made earlier this year. That’s why I can give you a better look at the maze like this:

Maze render

The new black-and-white picture is of the Red Queen, mother of the current Ace of Clubs and wife to the original Ace.

Jake, the last of the lowest-tier thugs from Final Fight, finally got his Street Fighter Alpha-style custom sprite pack on ScrollBoss a few days ago. That link leads to the update news post with an embedded test video that shows what the sprites can do.

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