September 2nd, 2011
First full picture of ExemplarElevator Action Deluxe scratch-made sprites

E’s! E’s everywhere! This update has a full-color debut of an old concept of mine that I didn’t fix until recently alongside a sprite of a classic game remake that just came out this week. Exemplar (who may get a name change before she appears in a story) is part of Project TC but will also appear in the “War Begins Again” project. I’m still working on the new version of this style so I’ll apologize in advance for differences in the pics. The second piece of newness is the male spy agent from the new Elevator Action Deluxe, a stylized revival of the old Taito arcade game. I don’t have it yet but having the director of Elevator Action Returns is a sign that it’s going to be good. I plan to wait until I have the game before making any more sprites so I’ll have proper reference for them.

Have a happy Labor Day weekend!

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