September 9th, 2011
Elevator Action Deluxe scratch-made sprites

I don’t have much to show off this time. I’ve been working on different things and I’ll show previews of them in a bit. The one new thing you’ll see is that the Elevator Action Deluxe sprite now has a mini-logo with it. I worked on a few mini-logos to bulk up the ScrollBoss update stew so the return update will be a big one. Converting pre-existing logos into mini-logos and making some from scratch must’ve been good practice for making my own logos designs. I think I’ve done at least one a week for the past month. Here’s one I’m working on for the Ace of Clubs:

Here’s something from a design sketch for another character in the same universe as Exemplar:

This is Kentake Cushing (Kentake Cushing © 2011 James Beaver) and her design isn’t finished yet. I’m sure you can figure out what direction an afro-rocking action hero in a black leather jacket and a turtleneck sweater is going to take. She will indeed be a bad motha **shuts mouth**

Then there’s the thing…

… and you know what that means if you know what program that is. Yeah, I know you didn’t know I got down like that. I started working on full-sized layouts for the real pages this week, too.

Northeast Ohio people:
UnderCity Game Fair, a tabletop Role-Playing Game event, will take place at the All-American Comics shop in Warren, Ohio on September 17th. Check out the website to see the main line-up of games that’ll be run during the event. We don’t have a lot of events in this area so give this one a shot next week!

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