September 25th, 2011

WPGH 53 Pittsburgh used air the greatest superhero show ever back in the 70’s before I was even in Kindergarten. They took all of the syndicated packages of 60’s hero cartoons, usually shows made of up multiple short stories back then, and made this insane hyper-adventure mixtape. You could see Iron Man, Green Lantern and the Herculoids in the same half-hour. One of my favorite intros from that show was…

… Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas. The epic theme song and interesting undersea setting hooked me but I think I was drawn to the idea of being able to creatively solve problems AND punch bad guys in the grill. Today is the 70th anniversary of his first comic book and a website called the Aquaman Shrine is celebrating in full force. I’ll celebrate here by posting my own Aquaman stuff:

Aquaman (B&B style) and Flapjack travel headlong into... ADVENTURE!Black Manta, member of the Legion of Doom and nemesis of Aquaman.old Aquaman picAqua-jetski based on the official Lego Killer Croc vehicle's design

While I’m at it, here’s a fake Vs. screenshot with Aquaman vs. Black Manta from the ScrollBoss GFX Generator. I used Capt. America as a base for Aquaman and Cyclops for Manta.

Again, be sure to check out…

… for the real undersea shindig in the Sea King’s name.

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