March 9th, 2012
Sprites of characters from Growl

The female enemies from Taito’s Growl (known as “Runark” in Japan) finally got a gallery page. These were late additions to last week’s ScrollBoss update. This update doesn’t have much in it because I worked on a lot of things I can’t show you right away. Here are some annoying teasers for them:

You’ll see those sprites in the next Illmosis and ScrollBoss updates. Those next two things, well, you’ll see that right before The War Begins Again in a few months. The last thing is a new teaser of something I posted a teaser of in the middle of last year. It’s one of those off-and-on projects I work on a bit at a time and I’m pretty close to having a version of it done. So, yeah, just because I posted a teaser for something nearly a year ago doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about it.

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