November 22nd, 2012

A cutie-style turkey heroine Thanksgiving mascot.
I drew a quick pic of the Golden Gobblette, my Thanksgiving mascot, and put a hastily-written version of her origin in the text section. I changed her design again and this is the version that I’ll probably stick with for now own. I say that a lot, so we’ll see how that works out next year, right? Right.

Fans of truly classic games (I’m talking 1985 and earlier) and/or pixel art need to check out ScrollBoss on Saturday because there’s a big update on the way. You’ll see obvious favorites, old friends and fiends you haven’t thought of in a while and the obligatory obscure characters that only a few of you will know. Remember that “Hall of Armors” and Castlevania backgrounds I made from scratch? I have a new background for that update, too. Of course, all of it will be in the GFX Generators with alternate palettes and all that fun stuff.

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