December 7th, 2012
Sprites based on... eh, things from Space InvadersSprites of character from the BurgerTime seriesSega's Flashgal in scratch-made sprite form.

Sorry, no goofy title for this update. Sprites of the Space Invader (from the old cabinet art) and Flashgal, possibly Sega’s most obscure heroine, now have gallery pages. The Invader and Flashgal have work progress animations to show bits of my working on them. The Flashgal sprites are the improved versions I uploaded in yesterday’s ScrollBoss update.

I’m a turdstain for being too distracted to push this before now, but the ever-awesome Raven Perez has a Kickstarter up to get a trade paperback made of his Raven’s Dojo series. He’s only got a few days left, but he’s over halfway there. Please kick in whatever dollars, zeni, rupees or ducats you can spare to help him get this project off the ground and melting brains:

Can you kick it? Yes, you caaan!

Get equipped with mouse-over clues!

Finally, I’m working on multiple things right now, including a small 1987 game tribute for ScrollBoss. This should shed some light one one of the character’s you’ll see in that update.

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