January 4th, 2013

The first three rules to The War Begins Again.
Various Double Dragon enemies in scratch-made sprite form.
First up, Abobo sprites were added to the Double Dragon enemies sprite page along with a work progress sprite. I also added a Lopar/Roper sprite that is closer to what his size should’ve been. The other thing I’ve added is a poster-like graphic for “The War Begins Again” project.

I’ve mostly been working on that new site again and you’ll finally see it up and running soon. Those of you who have the 2012 Illmosis flyer already have the URL where that site can be found. If you type it in now, you can see a new preview of the site that I uploaded a few days ago. None of the comics are up yet, but you can see a site feature preview in the sidemenu. That weird new thing will be a bit boring if you look at it in the afternoon, but you might see something a bit more interesting at around 11 PM EST until 1 AM EST. More will be continually added until the site officially debuts early this year. Site updates here will be kinda small for a while. I’ll be showing previews on the Illmosis Tumblr and the early birds to the site will be able to see the full, early version of this graphic. This site will still be updated, mostly with sprite additions from those earlier ScrollBoss updates, but there’ll be other things, too. I’ll also get that “I’m selling prints” thing started up soon, too and anyone who buys prints will get that 2012 flyer with the “secret” URL.

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  1. […] Yesterday’s update on Illmosis has the work progress animation for Abobo and the news page talks a bit about what I’ll be busy with for a while. It’s time to get the new member of the Illmosis network up and running. ScrollBoss will still have small updates and the ScrollBoss Tumblr will remain active, too. […]

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