January 23rd, 2013

Various Double Dragon enemies in scratch-made sprite form. Radd 'Bionic Commando' Spencer in fighting scale pixel art form Scratch-made sprites of characters from Dig-Dug
More sprites were added, including the new Linda and Abobo (Double Dragon II) sprites from last week’s ScrollBoss update. I added Dig Dug and Fygar (and the sketch I traced to get the sprite started) to the Dig Dug gallery page while the Bionic Commando/Radd Spencer page gets standing sprites for both the NES and arcade versions (along with a simple background).

Work continues on the new site. I posted previews on Tumblr that you can find here and here. A few more people know about the site and seem to like the early version of a new site feature that will debut there first. Don’t worry, these teasers will be over with soon (finally).

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