July 1st, 2013

2013 Illmosis network promotional flyer.Green Lantern - John Stewart flyingfighting game-style sprites of Superman (and some guest-stars.
As usual, I got the yearly party flyer done right before the All-AmeriCon. Nearly right after I made the update last week, I made some quick, slight improvements to the Green Lantern John Stewart picture. Also, the Superman sprite gallery page now has the work progress .GIF, though I was rushing while I worked on it and forgot to save a lot of the later steps.

I’ve started working on that activity book commission I was talking about before, and the time I need to devote to it means there won’t be much newness for a while, though there are still things I need to add to the galleries here.

Another reminder: the All-AmeriCon 2013 convention happens this upcoming Sunday! I’ll have a table there with prints, free flyers, and previews of things that aren’t finished or on the site yet. Stop by, even if you don’t want to buy anything from the table!

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