May 28th, 2014
bio pic of myself from 2014Full body shot of a Lego Zombie shambling along.Mario

Updates with new material for two weeks in a row? Look, I’m just as amazed as your are.

The Lego Zombie (Collectable Minifig version) is in full color with a simple background, including a background frame idea that I’ll be using in future pics. I’m still trying to adjust to PSPX5, so I apologize for not getting too heavy with the detail just yet. I also have a picture of myself, because every photo of me looks far too stupid to be on the new Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman site (I’ll get back to that in a bit). Princess Peach and Toad kick off the Mario series sprite gallery page. These hit ScrollBoss months ago, but this is the debut of the Super Mario Bros 1-1 background recreation. It still needs work, but it’s better than no background at all.

Rob Strangman, creator of the OPCFG and West Mansion video game sites, will be have a new print run of Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman, a book with articles, interviews and stories from the golden age of gaming. The new run has a ton of additional material, including interviews with other gamers and legends from the game industry. You can see the impressive lineup of talent the book has at the new official site. It’s a new run, but the cover I drew years ago is still there!

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