June 27th, 2014
A long overdue pic of Optimus Prime

Yeah, I finished a picture of Optimus for the first time since, what, 1999? Yes, it’s long overdue. I’ve been haulin’ astrofuel trying to get this pic done and watching G1 eps on Netflix to keep the momentum going. The unfortunate side effect is that my brain is now filled with good-bad Transformer puns. I’m sure that shift will eventually wear off after time.

I just ordered color prints for my table at All AmeriCon. They cost a bit more this time, so I couldn’t get as many as I did before. It’s still worth it, because the test batch I got a week ago look ultra-nice. Unfortunately, my wallet is going to be crying for a while, but that’s how it goes.

Speaking of the convention, check out this news article about it. It’s great to see the con getting more press and I hope that leads to a bigger turn out. Remember, Jim Steranko and Darryl Banks are going to be there, so check out the convention on July 6th if you can make it to Warren, Ohio!

edit: No, I didn’t time this to hit when the new Transformers movie hit theaters. I’m old, so don’t get me started on that turbo-roddin’ movie punks.

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