July 5th, 2014

2014 Illmosis network promotional flyer.
It’s a celebration, the party flyer’s here. As always, timed to be given out at the All-AmeriCon convention in Warren, Ohio on July 6th. That’s tomorrow! I’ll be giving out this flyer at my table in Artist’s Alley.

Also: the Prints page is up! My prints are made at PerfectPosters.com and I’ll either ship them myself or ship directly from them, depending on what’s ordered and what I have left from the con. I’ve been fixing up the pics that I could fix for the 8×10 format to ensure that they don’t look too pixelated. I’ll be adding more old fixed-up pics as time goes on along with doing new things specifically for prints, including bigger prints. Transactions will be through Paypal. Please excuse the shoddy nature of that page, as I had to rush to get it finished before the convention. Expect an improved version very soon (probably in the next update).

BTW: There is a small ScrollBoss update today that celebrates two of the big guests at the All-AmeriCon: Darryl Banks and Jim Steranko. Which sprites did I make? Go look for yourself by following this link!

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