July 11th, 2014

Lego Spidey swinging.Various villains from Marvel Comics in sprite form
I’m still recovering from the great time at the All AmeriCon and still packing up and sorting things about before moving, so I don’t have a lot of newness this week. Lego Spidey is in base color mode (with fixed-up linework) and the Madame Hydra/Viper sprite from last week is now on the Marvel Villains gallery page. No work-progress .GIF for that yet, but I’ll try to have that ready for next week.

I opened up an Illmosis page on Facebook (I know, I know), because Facebook is the only site a lot of people want to be. I don’t know why, but that’s how it is. Here’s the link:
Illmosis Facebook page
This will be a page for everything on the Illmosis Network, including ScrollBoss and Beans vs. Cornbread.

I had a great time at the All AmeriCon convention this year, but that was a given. I’d like to thank everyone at All American Comics for putting on a great show, especially in an area that needs it. I’d also like to thank Jim Steranko (who I didn’t get to meet and will regret that forever) and Darryl Banks (ultra-super nice guy and great artist) for being there. Apologies to anyone I couldn’t remember, but I’d been running on the Sleep Deprivation Express for about a week and my brain was mush. My favorite part, as always, was getting to hang out with the other creative folks who were there. Check out the following links to see some work from those fine, fine people.

AJ Sabino

Chris Kasmar

Jason Liccardi: Creative Insanity
DeviantArtFacebook pageInstagram

John Hazen
UnderCity Fair

Kat Foley

PixelBits: purveyors of geeky commodities
Facebook pageStore Envy

Daniel P. Gorman

There are some people I’ve missed (never got the info on whoever was selling those kick-butt decals, but I got an awesome Hydra decal in an art trade), so feel free to leave a reply here if you were there! I also have a few prints left over, so check out the Prints page to get something!

ScrollBoss visitors: while I might be able to have an update on the 19th for the site’s 14th anniversary, it’s not going to be big. Getting ready to move will take up a lot of time and I’m still unsure when the actual move date will be. So, to make up for that, we’re going to party in August and September. Why? That’s the 8th and the 9th months of the year, and that fits in perfectly with the Revenge of 1989 theme!

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