August 1st, 2014

Streets of Rage sprites made from scratch.
Here’s a bit of unfinished business from earlier in the year. Eddie “Skate” Hunter (known as Sammy in Japan) and Max Thunder. The Altered Beast gallery page was updated with a work progress .GIF of the Werewolf and the background now has colors that mimic the first round.

Hey, remember during SDCC when everybody said, “It’s Batman Day because it’s his 75th anniversary of existing in comics!” as if we didn’t do that two months ago. I know we did that, because I made a sprite for it. So, instead of making another sprite of Batman, I made the sprite of the Batman-ish boss from the early version of the Revenge of Shinobi:

The Revenge of Shinobi, along with Altered Beast, is one of those great games that came out in 1989. That’s the theme I’m celebrating for ScrollBoss this year, and I’ll be drawing some regular line art related to those games, too. Here’s some pixel art to celebrate Guardians of the Galaxy hitting theaters:

I don’t have to tell you who this is, right? The pose (and quick background) is based on Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers’ art from Tales to Astonish #13. There will be a Guardians sprite page in a future update.

I’ve just started moving into the new place and there will be some downtime for Illmosis and ScrollBoss for a while. My left arm and back still has trouble when I use that arm too much (an accident that happened back in May), so I’m going to be a bit wiped out after that’s done.

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