August 29th, 2014
Gilius Thunderhead 2014 picTyris Flare sprites made from scratch.

This new pic of Gilius is something I wanted to draw before the 2014 All AmeriCon, but my back injury slowed me down too much to get to it. Still, it’s early for next year, right? I also added the latest Tyris Flare sprite to her old gallery page. There’s a short work progress anim to show some of the steps I took in making it.

Those of you who like pixel art should check out the ScrollBoss site, because I just updated it with new sprites of Poison and Roxy from Final Fight and a few more criminally-minded characters, including a nefarious Golden Axe enemy that everyone hates. Hey, that means both updates fit the Revenge of 1989 theme I have going on at ScrollBoss right now! Okay, I’m the only one that would care about that, BUT STILL.

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