June 23rd, 2016
Street Fighter's Chun-Li leaps into action

A new pic of Chun-Li from Street Fighter has been added to the gallery! It’s been a while since I scribbled a Street Fighter and Chun-Li just seemed like the right character to draw. I also added the original sketch to the Black Panther pic I drew earlier this month. I still need to get test prints of both pics before adding them to the prints section here.

Chun-Li here will probably be the last color pin-up I finish before the All-AmeriCon convention in July. Cue the flyer image!

Note that I said that’s all for line art, because I plan to get at least one more pixel art print ready. I finished a few new sprites in-between all the new line art pics I’ve done for the past few weeks and some will probably be used in those prints. I’ll keep you updated on what I’ll have at the convention, but I’ll try to have some free coloring pages and flyers to give out, plus previews of new stuff to show if you stop by my table.

I’ll be back next week with more stuff! **claps and points like Chuck Barris**

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