June 29th, 2017
Zoom (DCTV) running

Another week, another picture? Yup. It’s Zoom, from the live-action Flash TV show’s second season. Fitting that I had to put some marathon hours into finishing this pic to make sure I had it ready for the All-Americon convention, July 8th. You know, because he runs fast and a mara – you know what, forget it. The point is that it’s done and he looks sinister. Also, I really need to draw more villains, and definitely have some on my “to-draw” list.

Reminder: I’ll be at the All Americon convention in Youngstown, Ohio, but only on Saturday, July 8th. The convention is for two days this year, but I’ll only be able to be in Artist’s Alley there on Saturday. Stop by if you’re able to make it there!

I’m still shocked my He-Man vs. Skeletor pixel art print (posted on their Instagram account) was at the official Mattel show at Gallery 1988, and even more shocked that people seem to be digging it. I’m humbled that it’s in there with so much amazing artwork and I hope this isn’t the last time I get to do something like that. The truth is that I planned to do two pics, the second would’ve had more obscure characters, including the blue, silver and orange Astro Knight from the old Adventure People line. I had that figure and always thought it looked cool. I’ve actually come up with a better idea for him and will draw it if I’m lucky enough to do something for another Mattel show.

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