July 6th, 2017
Endless Duck

Endless Duck is now in full color and ready to menace the world at large. That pic will get a flashier background if people want a print, but this will likely be Endless Duck’s merch art in the very near future.

The time when I work on new line art for the All AmeriCon convention is done and it’s time for me to get ready for the 17th anniversary of the ScrollBoss site. I don’t have a lot done in advance, mainly because I’ve spent most of the year working on commissions, but I’ll still try to cook up something nice.

I’ll be at the All Americon convention in Youngstown, Ohio, but only on Saturday, July 8th. All AmeriCon is a two-day event this year, but circumstances (and day-job work) means that I can only make it there on Saturday.

Also, thanks to a lot of crap luck, bad timing and Firefox (probably add-ons or plug-ins) helping to mess up my print orders, I won’t have a lot of the new 2017 pics or the Black Panther 2016 pic (which had to be restocked from scratch, too). The new Miles, Wonder Woman and Zoom pics will be available to order from the prints page of this site very soon, and Princess Peach (one I order a test print from the company I use for mail order prints) will be added a bit later.

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