February 28th, 2010
New sprites of Bred and Dug from Capcom's Final Fight.
Douglas Bild from Rushing Beat Ran in his select screen pose.

Last week’s announcement that weekly updates weren’t guaranteed anymore didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to try. In fact, ScrollBoss will get an update later on tonight in an unannounced content crossover weekend. It’s really a coincidence that all of today’s content is beat-em-up video game related. Douglas Bild (Rival Turf, Brawl Brothers) is finally in full color and looking mean. I also have something that I posted a teaser of a few weeks back with new sprites of Bred and Dug from Final Fight as they may have looked in a Street Fighter Alpha game. The posted sprites are part of an upcoming full sprite set for ScrollBoss. I also went back to the old Guy: Bushin Senpu Kyaku pic and fixed the character tags for Dug and Axl.

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