This week’s update includes two updated pictures and a party flyer for a party that you’ve already made it to. The Wonder Woman picture finally gets a background and the Tyris Flare pic gets some necessary tweaks. The party flyer is for the Illmosis Megajam 2010. What is that? You’re looking at it. Just read […]

I didn’t plan to finish the Blacktron pic so soon but I decided to go ahead and do that. This gets Blacktron off the Redemption List because I’m happy with the way it turned out. I’m not sure when I’ll have Tyris Flare’s art fully colored in but here’s a preview of how she looked […]

Still working like crazy on ScrollBoss’ “1989” feature but I made some quick art of a character from that great year of gaming, Alex Kidd. Sure, he debuted before that, but his Enchanted Castle game from 1989 is a favorite of mine and this is based on how he is in that game. If you […]