Sorry for the lack of an update last week but the things that popped up was part of the reason that I had to stop drop the weekly guarantee. I felt just good enough to struggle through this picture of Storm in her Jim Lee-designed outfit and not completely mess it up. It needed two […]

A commission for a friend, extra day job work and some fatigue slowed things down a bit for the site but both Skate and Almighty Grandmaster Wizard are now in base color mode. Most of Skate’s linework has been cleaned so a full color version will happen soon. The AGW pic will be redrawn once […]

Just a small update here. I was digitally cleaning up the line work so I decided to try a few color schemes for him and post them. People seem to like him more than I expected so I’m glad that he shows up early in the comic he’ll appear in.

Happy New Year! Santessa’s 2010 pic is added to the gallery along with two new character designs: Petey Panels and Maceo. You may recognize Petey’s shape from a preview post back in October but his final design is ready now and was the last picture I drew in 2010. Maceo happens to be the picture […]

I spent most of last week working on two different commissions and getting a few things ready for the joint Illmosis/ScrollBoss update on Thanksgiving weekend and feeling like I’d been run over by a freight train due to sinus issues. I tried to work on a character design yesterday even though I spent most of […]

The 25th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System caught me by surprise so I felt I had to celebrate somehow. The picture of Mario here is a slightly improved version of the picture I drew on the evening of the anniversary but didn’t like. The original version was NOT good enough to show that night. […]

The man with the microphone is the legendary Almighty Grandmaster Wizard. He’s as old as he is dangerous. Yes, he’s another character from the “When the War Begins Again” concept and he’s more bugged-out than you could imagine. I’m still working on his design but I figured I could show you this one in it’s […]

Today is a bit busier than usual. First up to bat is another character from the “When the War Begins Again” nonsense that I keep mentioning. His name is Sheriff Warner and this is the face design that you saw me post a few weeks ago. Sean Chan’s pic is now in flat color mode […]

Sean Chan (from Twofold) finally gets a good picture, Secret Awesome President’s real inaugural artwork and more random site improvements.

Both of the pictures in this update are of characters making their debut on the website. This first picture is easily the most important and it’s the one that I’ve posted teasers of for months including last week’s post. Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to… the Secret Awesome President. He plays […]