September 6th, 2009
Eva Elleraze is getting ready for fun time.

Not only does Eva finally get a full color character profile picture but she also gets a fake last name: Elleraze. Seeing as how Eva is just an alias for a fictional character, the whole situation is full of fake. So what it? Anyway, she’s in full color now so go check the pic out if you feel like it.

Remember when I said that there’d be some Twofold-related happenings here on September 9th? I’ll probably have to tone that down due to some extreme day job related stuff. Seeing as how I may not even have the spare time to eat this Wednesday, I won’t have the time to do all the crazy uploading, checking and fixes that the new things would take. I still refuse to let my only opportunity at a 9/9/9 update pass by without doing something special here so I’ll try to have something special ready by then. Even more Twofold fun will hit next Sunday to make up for the slackin’ on Wednesday.

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