February 21st, 2010
Trick's 2009 character profile art

Trick finally joins Treat in having full-color artwork. I also updated the character profiles for Trick, Treat, Negator and Hostyle. The first three were updated to have the full color artwork, while Trick, Treat and Hostyle have sketches from the year 2000 added to their profile. I also fixed the right fist of theDouglas Bild pic but I’m not sure when I’ll get to fully color it.

Bad news/Good news time: The Bad News is that this will be the last Illmosis update where I’ll definitely be updating every week. I’m not saying that I’ll only update once every two weeks but I can’t guarantee that it will always updates will hit every Sunday. The Good News is that I’m doing it to give myself more time to work on comics. Instead of having to do something just to have new material for the site, that time will go into things like that Universal Intro, Nutroll: the Illness and a minibook that will have slightly different versions of those stories and more. I’m also redesigning chunks of ScrollBoss including a hefty reworking of the graphics galleries there. Even if I don’t have a new thing ready for every update, there will be a main post on the site with previews, teasers or sketches. I’ll be back to a definite weekly schedule after I get some of these bigger projects out of the way but I really need a few months of freestyle mode to get this stuff done. There is also another comic I need to start that I can’t tell you the name of because it’d spoil something. All I’ll tell you is that I’ve been planning it for a long time and some teasers I’ve posted that seem to make no sense at all are connected to it. 2010 is going to be wild and I hope you keep coming back to see what happens.

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