Sorry for the long absence! Today’s update is mostly an alert, but there’s some catch-up work here to do, too. Last year’s X-Men and Alien vs. Predator pixel art prints have finally been added to the galleries. They’ve always been in the shop here, but didn’t get pages until now. As usual, I’ll be working […]

A new Aliens vs. Predator print was added to the shop just in time for a sale on prints!

Site post about new additions to the Prints page, word about the ScrollBoss anniversary next week and Net Neutrality.

Endless Duck’s pic is fully colored in and I post a reminder about the fast-approaching All AmeriCon!

Another new pic, is added to the site! It’s time for a villain, Zoom, the villain from season 2 of the Flash TV show!

New Wonder Woman pic, adjustments to some other recent pics, a few announcements and more!

Princess Peach is in full color (and background) while Endless Duck invades from the ScrollBoss site!

A new Princess Peach picture (in flat colors, for now) joins the gallery!

Miles Morales Spider-Man gets a background and it’s time to start getting hype for the All AmeriCon convention!

Updated Spider-Man/Miles Morales pic, Free Comic Book Day info and more news!