A small and mostly Sega-related pixel art update, including Streets of Rage, Altered Beast, and the Revenge of Shinobi.

Lego Spider-Man in base/flat colors, Madame Hydra/Viper pixel art and a post-All Americon 5 wrap-up!

The Black Widow picture is finished, complete with background!

A new picture of the Black Widow (comic book version) has been added to the site!

New art of a Lego zombie and updated sprite galleries for Marvel and DC villains!

I still have ton of ScrollBoss pixel art that needs to be added here, but a huge chunk of it just landed. Sprites of Bizarro, Braniac, Zod, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn are on the new DC villains gallery page with work progress gifs of Bizarro, Harley, and Ivy. The Marvel villain page has been updated […]

There are still sprites from ScrollBoss’ Avengers update that haven’t been posted, so I started a “Marvel Villains” gallery page with the Loki and Mandarin sprites. I also added a sprite of Princess Python that was made this weekend and posted on the Scruffy Dragon message board.

Still trying, still de-rustifying. Rogue was drawn days ago, but I redrew her face and added the X-patch yesterday. You can see that earlier version on the gallery page. Just click the pic to hit the page.

Look, no one in this update is named Leon, but don’t let that mess up your day. The different sprites I made from the “Giant man” sprite base for the latest ScrollBoss update now has a gallery page with a surprise: Erik Josten in his villainous Goliath persona. The Wasp’s gallery page was updated with […]

This update is both a heads-up and preview to the Avengers ScrollBoss update that drops this Thursday. Remember when I posted the sprite of the Wasp and said that I’d be making more versions of it in different outfits? That starts now along with an improved version of the sprite itself. Check out the gallery […]