Because, honestly, the biggest April Fool’s prank I could pull would be to have a real update. Playing catch-up from February, Edgar, from Sega’s game Quartet, is finally added to the galleries here. The line art is of Guffaw, a villain from, well, that project I keep annoying you about. There’s a horror-based corner to […]

A new sprite commissioned by Mr. Aaron Pinsky based on his Sheol stories was added to that gallery page along with his bio for the character, a wrestler who’s ready to rule any squared circle (or circled circle) he steps in. I also have the sprites based on Namco’s “Wonder Momo” (regular Momo and costumed […]

First up, Abobo sprites were added to the Double Dragon enemies sprite page along with a work progress sprite. I also added a Lopar/Roper sprite that is closer to what his size should’ve been. The other thing I’ve added is a poster-like graphic for “The War Begins Again” project. I’ve mostly been working on that […]

The Raven’s Dojo Kickstarter still needs help! I even made sprites of the strip’s stars, Rodney and Dornail, to help get the word out. Okay, I’ve wanted to make sprites of these two for a long while now, but this seemed like the right time to do it. If you want to know how serious […]

Sorry, no goofy title for this update. Sprites of the Space Invader (from the old cabinet art) and Flashgal, possibly Sega’s most obscure heroine, now have gallery pages. The Invader and Flashgal have work progress animations to show bits of my working on them. The Flashgal sprites are the improved versions I uploaded in yesterday’s […]

There are still sprites from ScrollBoss’ Avengers update that haven’t been posted, so I started a “Marvel Villains” gallery page with the Loki and Mandarin sprites. I also added a sprite of Princess Python that was made this weekend and posted on the Scruffy Dragon message board.

I still feel like I got ran over by a Mack Truck factory, so I have one thing to show for this 8th anniversary day: a sprite of the Ice Cream Man. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to work on my own characters, so it felt really good to make this sprite. […]

There’s a lot of lost time to make up for, so let’s pick up where we left off. The last time I was here, I was posting sprites from the 12th anniversary of ScrollBoss and this update finishes that up. Samus Aran from Metroid, Tyris Flare from Golden Axe, skeletons from Golden Axe and some […]

(updated 2012/08/23) I’m currently working on the line cleaning for the last of the 100 pages I drew for the current commission project and it looks like I’ll be working on another 100 pages right after that. There probably won’t be time for updates with new material for yet another month, but at least it’s […]

First, the 12th Anniversary ScrollBoss update hit this Thursday, even if the hands of fate and timing of extra day job hours conspired against it. New scratch-made sprites based on well-known games like Metroid, Double Dragon and Contra stand side-by-side with lesser-known gems like Konami’s Crime Fighters 2. Check them out in the Custom Sprite […]